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Criticising NRC: Mamata's Failed Attempt to be Saviour of Bengalis

The Quint - 22 hours ago
For many people in eastern India, Bangladeshi means Bengali. It indicates that everyone living in Bangladesh must be a Bengali. But in reality, Bangladesh is a tiny neighbouring nation with a secular...

Mamata Banerjee's remarks on Bengalis in Assam could revive an old and bitter divide - 2 weeks ago
Later, Assamese language would become the touchstone of an emergent cultural nationalism, largely channelled through the Axom Xahitya Xobha, formed in 1917. According to the 1951 census, Assamese was...

Birth centenary celebrations of Sahityacharya Abdul Malik conclude at Naharani

Assam Tribune - 19 hours ago
DERGAON, Jan 22 - ÔÇťAssamese is a rich language and it cannot die in any circumstances. Language in any form should be correct in the true sense. The writings of Sayed Abdul Malik reflect this fact...

Assamese, Manipuri first NE languages to feature on PMO website

Times of India - 3 weeks ago
It is a good thing to implement Manipuri language into a national initiative, however, the script used is not Manipuri but in Bengali script. Manipuri has it''s own script so it would have...

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