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AQIS goes vernacular with Tamil, Hindi, Bengali texts online | The ...

The Indian Express - 2 days ago
The translations, obtained by The Indian Express, range from excerpts from magazines like al-Risalah and Inspire, to ideological tracts by the jihadist leadership.and...

Review: Sudip Chakravarti's 'The Bengalis' has no self-delusion ... - 22 hours ago
Sudip Chakravarti's book shows that storytelling is an art, one that Bengalis treat with utmost seriousness.and...

Al-Qaeda's revised recruitment strategy for India: Go vernacular, reach larger audience

Times Now - 2 days ago
New Delhi: In a bid to expand its reach in India and to recruit more followers in the country, the Al-Qaeda in the Indian subcontinent has begun to publish online material in three vernacular...

The adda may have changed but the Bengali is as argumentative as ever

Times of India - 1 week ago
Well, even earlier, if you look at territory and language. Even though there were kingdoms and principalities in what came to be Bengal, the cohesion of territory—and, over time, identity—was...

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