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Libyan Amazigh activist accused of espionage for speaking Berber language

Middle East Monitor - 3 weeks ago
Rabea Jayash, a cultural and human rights activist from the western town of Yefren, was attending a celebration at a theatre in the city when he was abducted by gunmen after he was heard speaking the...

Berbers: North Africa's marginalised indigenous people

News24 - 2 weeks ago
Algiers - The Berbers - descendants of pre-Arab populations across North Africa - are currently celebrating their New Year festivities. On Friday - for the first time - the Yennayer New Year is being...

Algeria sets Berber New Year as public holiday

Middle East Monitor - 4 weeks ago
The head of state “urged the government to spare no effort to generalise the teaching and use of Tamazight, in accordance with the letter and the spirit of the Constitution” and also instructed...

Algeria's Berber new year aims to show state's approval for 'invented tradition'

Middle East Eye - 1 week ago
The decision to make Yennayer a bank holiday was announced at the same time as an instruction given by President Bouteflika to the government "to spare no effort to generalise the teaching and...

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