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Some Very 'American' Words Come from Chinese

Voice of America - 1 hour ago
On a recent program, we told you the stories of English words borrowed from other languages. Today, we will tell you about words that English has taken from Chinese. Many of the Chinese words that...

Ni Hao: Pakistan Senate approves motion to teach Chinese in govt schools

India Today - 12 hours ago
These reports did not specify which Chinese language would be officially allowed - for there is no single 'Chinese language,' but a group that includes Mandarin and Cantonese. Mandarin is...

Food, language, culture: Macau embraces its Portuguese past for a better future

Hindustan Times - 13 hours ago
Classmate Marcelino Luis do Rosario Sousa, 22, says he is going back to his roots -- born in Macau, his father is Portuguese but Sousa grew up speaking only Cantonese. After discovering a passion for...

Are Hong Kong students who protest Putonghua exams resisting colonisation by China?

Hong Kong Free Press - 4 weeks ago
Putonghua, the official language of China, has a history of at the most 300-400 years. Many Hongkongers think that it is discriminatory to require Hong Kong college students to pass a Putonghua exam...

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