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Madrid's plan to push Spanish language in Catalan schools prompts independence anger - 4 days ago
But Mr Rajoy's government has pushed back against the encroachment of Catalan, not only in Catalonia but in the autonomous communities of Valencia and the Balearic Islands, where variations of...

Corbyn's Spy Career, Catalan Language War

Atlantic Sentinel - 4 days ago
Never underestimate the Spanish government's ability to shoot itself in the foot when it comes to Catalonia. A couple of days ago, I argued that a proposal from the liberal Citizens party to ban...

Catalan Liberals Start Language War to Woo Conservatives

Atlantic Sentinel - 6 days ago
Spain's liberal Citizens party has proposed eliminating the Catalan language requirement for civil servants in the region. Catalan would be plus, but no longer a prerequisite for most jobs in the...

Catalan carnival children dress up as baton-wielding Spanish police - 1 week ago
A Catalan carnival float has drawn criticism for depicting children as baton-wielding Spanish police, as tensions surrounding the independence crisis burst into this year's parades.and...

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