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Languages are the core of our cultural heritage

The Parliament Magazine - 3 hours ago
The Council of Europe has proposed a European convention for minority languages, which France has subsequently refused to ratify. It seeks to deny official recognition for the Corsican, Basque,...

A Frenchman joins the Battle of Barcelona - 11 hours ago
Speaking in slightly accented Spanish and Catalan — and some French — Valls spoke about his origins in Barcelona (his father was a Catalan painter exiled under the dictatorship of Francisco...

Barcelona police keep apart Catalan separatists, unionists

ABC News - 1 week ago
and "Don't be fooled, Catalonia is Spain!" Meanwhile, supporters of the region's independence from Spain held a banner that read, "We defend the language." Catalan is the...

Catalonia in Peril: On Manuel de Pedrolo's “Typescript of the Second Origin”

lareviewofbooks - 2 weeks ago
WHY SHOULD THE English-speaking world of 2018 be interested in Typescript of the Second Origin, a novel published originally in 1974 in Catalan, a language spoken by just over five million people in...

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