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25 Mistakes Foreigners Make When Speaking Croatian

Total Croatia News - 1 week ago
And a few reasons why it can get you in trouble. Last month, we published an article called 25 Things to Know about Croatian Mistakes Speaking English. We tasked our favourite Croatian teacher,...

25 Things to Know about Typical Croatian Mistakes Speaking English

Total Croatia News - 4 weeks ago
They say it is the easiest language in the world to speak badly, and the hardest to speak perfectly. Different nationalities make similar mistakes, of course, while other mistakes are...

More from the Language Idiot Abroad: Fruit and Vegetables

Total Croatia News - 4 weeks ago
Lesson 3 of learning Croatian for Zagreb's most linguistically challenged Brit, this time served with a side dish of cauliflower, as Stuart Jameson sends us his latest Croatian language learning...

Meet Croatia's Foreign Entrepreneurs: Mirela from Romania

Total Croatia News - 4 days ago
Mirela has a heart of gold and a resilience of spirit second-to-none; with absolutely no Croatian ties – language, family, ništa, Mirela and her husband Ionut, packed up their life to start afresh...

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