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No, the Czech Republic has not turned into an illiberal democracy

American Enterprise Institute - 2 hours ago
It is tempting to see the victory of Andrej Babiš in the Czech parliamentary election through the prism of creeping authoritarianism, which has been on the march in Hungary and more recently in...

Anti-Fake News Center Doesn't Czech

Coda Story - 4 days ago
From one side — a raucous band of pro-Kremlin, Czech language websites purveying falsehoods about migrants, the U.S. and Europe — came cries of censorship, with one site even talking about an...

Czechia tightens scholarly ties with local educ institutions

Business Mirror - 20 hours ago
More and more foreigners seek free education in the said country under Czech-language instruction. Nevertheless, there are a growing number of international students at present who opt to study in...

Michael O'Loughlin: Europe as an infinite circle whose centre is ...

Radio Prague - 1 day ago
For the Irish poet Michael O'Loughlin, Europe is not just a place on the map. The Europe of his poetry is a labyrinth of ideas, memories and languages.and...

Gaelic gains: Prague hosts major Irish language and literature conference

Irish Times - 4 weeks ago
Those Czech students who pursue their studies at a more advanced level, however, are usually motivated by a deeper interest in Irish literature and culture and see the language as a means of access...

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