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Mormon scriptures to be translated into 34 additional languages, including Farsi, Navajo and Arabic

Salt Lake Tribune - 4 days ago
Receiving translations of the Book of Mormon, the church's signature scripture, for the first time will be speakers of Burmese, Georgian, Navajo, the Micronesian language of Pohnpeian, and...

On Language: The Many Flavours of Persian in Eurasia

Global Voices Online (blog) - 4 days ago
In places such as Bukhara, the language encountered — still ostensibly a variation of Persian — would be near incomprehensible to someone with knowledge of “colloquial Persian.” The same goes...

A 'Verified' Social Media Account Can Help Protect Iranian Activists ...

Global Voices Online (blog) - 10 hours ago
Iranian musician Shahin Najafi at a “United for Iran” event in Amsterdam. Najafi has been denied verification by Twitter and Instagram, despite persistent threats ...and...

Gilmore: Skills man acquired in Peace Corps bear fruit back in Omaha

Omaha World-Herald - 1 day ago
... is one of those people. He served in the Peace Corps in 1965 and '66 and learned the Farsi language after intensive training. This enabled him to become comfortable with the Afghan culture....

Persian keyboard language introduced in iOS 11

Neowin - 3 weeks ago
Farsi, also known as Persian and Dari, has been included as a language on the keyboard in iOS for the first time with the introduction of iOS 11. The inclusion ...and...

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