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Inclusivity putting French language in 'mortal danger', claims l'Académie française

The Conversation UK - 4 days ago
In a recent statement, the Académie française warned that a new set of writing conventions, commonly referred to as “l'écriture inclusive” (inclusive writing), is putting the French...

OPINION: 'The French language isn't sexist, it's the people who speak it'

The Local France - 6 days ago
She has been spotlighting the issue of machismo in the French language for several decades including in her two books: "No, the masculine does not take precedence over the feminine!" and...

Purists alarmed over moves to make French language less macho

The Local France - 7 days ago
The Academie Francaise, the arbiter of the French language which has inducted just eight women since its foundation in 1635, did not mince words. "In the face of this 'inclusive'...

Gatekeepers say gender-neutral pronouns pose 'deadly danger' for the French language

Washington Post - 3 weeks ago
PARIS — Quel scandale. France's highest authority on language fears that French is in “mortal peril” over attempts to make the language a little less complex and a little less, well,...

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