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Google's Pixel Buds: 'Sorry, Can't Help, But Always Learning ...

Barron's - 20 hours ago
Google's new "Pixel Buds" wireless ear pieces shine in their industrial design, especially a nice soft carrying case. The functions, however, with a sort of maddening A.I., leave much...

Crude language

Times-Georgian - 4 days ago
Crude language. Winston Jones/For the Times-Georgian; Jan 15, 2018 Updated 11 hrs ago; 0. My all-time favorite comedian, the late-great George Carlin, once had a popular routine he called, “The...

Georgia's Zig-Zag Progress

Carnegie Europe - 3 days ago
You have recently visited Abkhazia and wrote extensively about this topic. Georgians have been concerned at increased pressure on Gali residents - abolition of Georgian-language schools, situation...

The Declining Jewish Languages - 4 days ago
Many linguists do not regard it as a separate language from Georgian. A further language which is considered Jewish is Karaim, the national language of the Karaites in Lithuania, Israel and Ukraine....

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