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Anger as Bertie Ahern says 'never prescripted' what role Irish language would have after GFA

the Irish News - 1 day ago
A ROW has broken out over comments made by Bertie Ahern about an Irish language act after the former Taoiseach claimed it was never "set in stone" by the Good Friday Agreement. Mr Ahern,...

Attitudes towards Irish: 'You can't speak that in the delivery room, I'm not racist I say it to Muslims too' - 3 days ago
I don't know what constitutes a dead language, but something tells me that if I speak Irish every day, if I meet thousands of people each year who speak Irish, if the number of Irish speakers in...

Poll: Unionists advocate Irish language, same-sex marriage and abortion referendum

should the people decide? - 2 days ago
Three senior unionists who were involved in establishing power-sharing at Stormont 20 years ago have called for a referendum on issues currently causing deadlock in the talks. These include whether...

Swann rejects Irish language act as DUP say all issues on discussion table

Belfast Newsletter - 2 days ago
DUP MP Gregory Campbell, who drew criticism in 2014 for a mock imitation of the Irish language and who later told his party conference the DUP “will never agree to an Irish Language Act”, told...

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