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Kurdish language barred at Kirkuk press conference

Rudaw - 5 days ago
ERBIL, Kurdistan Region – The head of Kirkuk police was prevented from speaking in Kurdish during a press conference held by security officials and the new governor, appointed by the prime...

Iraqi Kurdistan's Crisis: A Failure of Strategy

American Spectator - 6 hours ago
... many sectarian boundaries, including not only Sunni and Shi'a Arabs but also many members of Iraqi minorities such as the Turkmen and Yezidis (the latter not necessarily identifying as...

Kurds Voted. So Is the Middle East Breaking Up?

The New Yorker - 3 weeks ago
Turkey repeatedly—sometimes militarily—crushed Kurdish political movements; for decades, the Kurdish language was banned, as was the very word “Kurd” to describe Turkey's largest ethnic...

Op-Ed: Will Kurdish Statehood Upend the Middle East?

Military.com - 3 days ago
Over half of those live in Europe, with the overwhelming majority in Germany, and the rest are scattered around the world in a modern Kurdish diaspora. While ethnically the Kurds are considered an...

It's not independence, but Syria's Kurds entrench self-rule

Deseret News - 2 weeks ago
Now with the militants driven out and going down in defeat, a new university is opening in the town, and Hassan will be its professor for Kurdish language and literature. It is the first university...

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