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Meet the priest determined to keep the Latin language alive

CBS News - 2 weeks ago
So she won't forget, Grace Milliman wrote the date she started Latin on her shoes in Roman numerals. "September 2, 2016 and I walked into that classroom and, like, my entire life...

How Latin Became The Romance Languages

Deadspin - 2 weeks ago
The Latin language is one of the Roman Empire's lasting legacies. We hear it around us every day in the form of direct Latin loan-words into English, like “abdomen” or “exterior.” Every...

Meet the man keeping the language of Latin alive

CBS News - 2 weeks ago
January 6, 2018, 8:12 AM | Roman Catholic mass held in Latin is a rare sound these days. The language was once at the heart of Western culture and for centuries most books and official letters were...

Latin is an essential language for our digital age

Financial Times - 2 weeks ago
Latin has a bad rap. In my high school, only six students in my grade of 698 take the subject — and the numbers are dropping. There is so little interest that this year no one has opted to learn...

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