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Monarchy System: Basis of Strengthening Malay Language

Borneo Bulletin Online - 3 weeks ago
ON MAY 4, 2017, at the International Seminar of Lexicography organised by the Department of Linguistics at the University of Indonesia, two Brunei representatives submitted their papers on the role...

Unknown Language Discovered in Malaysia

Smithsonian - 2 weeks ago
Researchers have cataloged close to 7,000 distinct human languages on Earth, per Linguistic Society of America's latest count. That may seem like a pretty exhaustive list, but it hasn't...

Linguists Discover Previously Unidentified Language In Malaysia

NPR - 2 weeks ago
Linguists working in the Malay Peninsula have identified a language, now called Jedek, that had not previously been recognized outside of the small group of people who speak it. The newly documented...

Religious teacher blames WeChat for LGBT movement in Malaysia and proposes a North Korea-esque approach

South China Morning Post - 17 hours ago
Hanafiah cited examples of North Korea's online control methods such as stringent monitoring of all websites and blocking off non-approved websites from access. “This move should be followed by...

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