Norwegian 101

You can never understand one language until you understand at least two. ~Geoffrey Willans

Good morning.
God morgen. (goh moh-ohrn)
Good evening.
God kveld. (goh kvel)
Good night (to sleep)
God natt. (goh naht)
Hello. (informal)
Hei. (hay)
How are you?
Hvordan går det? (vohrd-ahn gohr deh?)
Fine, thank you.
(Jo) takk, bare bra. (yoh)
What is your name?
Hva heter du? (Va he-ter du)
My name is ______ .
Jeg heter ______ . (jei he-ter _____ .)
Nice to meet you.
Hyggelig å treffe deg. (Hygg-e-li å treff-e dei)
Vær så snill.
Thank you.
Tusen takk.
You're welcome.
Bare hyggelig. (Bar-e hygg-e-li)
*Note* More like the english: my pleasure

Yes (in reply/opposition to a no in a discussion).
Excuse me. (getting attention)
Unnskyld (meg). (Unn-skyll mei)
Excuse me. (begging pardon)
Unnskyld (meg). (Unn-skyll mei)
I'm sorry. (for a slight mistake)
Beklager. (be-klag-er)
I'm sorry. (I really didn't mean it)
Jeg beklager. (Jei be-klag-er)
I'm sorry.
Jeg er lei meg. (Jei ær lei mei)
*Note* Not used nearly as often as in English, this sincerely means you are sorry, or can even be interpreted to mean you are sad.

Ha det bra! (Ha de bra)
Goodbye (informal)
Hade! (Ha-de)
It was nice seeing/meeting you. Goodbye.
Det var hyggelig å treffe deg. Ha det bra! (De var hygg-e-li å treff-e dei. Ha de bra!)
I can't speak norwegian.
Jeg snakker ikke norsk. (Jei snakk-er ikk-e nåsjk)
I only know a little norwegian.
Jeg kan bare litt norsk. (Jei kan ba-re litt nåsjk)
Excuse me. Do you know how to speak English?
Unnskyld, kan du snakke engelsk? (Unn-skyll, kan du snakk-e eng-elsk?)
Is there someone here who speaks English?
Er det noen som kan engelsk her? (Ær de no-en såm kann snakk-e eng-elsk hær?)
Hjelp! (Yelp!)
Good morning.
God morgen. (Go må-årn)
Good evening.
God kveld. (Go kvell)
Good night.
God natt. (Go natt)
*Note* Never used as a greeting, unless you you want to make a joke. This is potentially troublesome. If you must greet someone at night, use Hallo, Hei, Hyggelig å møte deg (Nice to meet you), or even God dag (even though it's in the middle of night).

Good night (to sleep)
God natt. (Go natt)
I don't understand (you).
Jeg forstår [deg] ikke. (Jei forst-år [dei] ikk-e)
Where is the toilet/bathroom?
Hvor er toalettet? (Vor ær toa-lett-et?)

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