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Top Resources for Learning Welsh

Learn Welsh with these useful resources from around the web.

There’s never been a better time to learn a language. No matter your age or experience, a plethora of tools and resources are available to get you started or help you improve your language skills.

Best of all, many of these resources are completely free.

Check out the links below to jump-start your Welsh.


Omniglot - Basic overview of Welsh with alphabet and useful links
Wikipedia - Overview of the Welsh language

Free Courses

Amazon - Welsh language learning materials


Surface Languages - Basic Welsh phrases with audio
Wikivoyage - Welsh travel phrases (no audio)

Dictionaries and Translation

Google Translate - Translate to and from Welsh

Grammar and Vocabulary

Forvo - Collection of Welsh words pronounced by native speakers
Wikipedia - Welsh grammar
Memrise - Spaced repetition site and app for learning Welsh vocabulary
Verbix - Welsh verb conjugation tool


YouTube - Search videos for learning Welsh

Radio and Podcasts

Social Media

Meetup - List of Welsh language meetups worldwide
Reddit - /r/Cymru subreddit for learning Welsh


Project Gutenberg - Download or read Welsh language books online for free
Wikivoyage - Welsh travel phrases (no audio)


Other Resources

Articles and Opinion

This list is updated as more resources become available. You may want to bookmark this page so you can easily refer to it again later.

Do you know of a quality resource that should be on this list? If so, please let me know about it or share it in the comments below!

  • ivyespalier (Randy)

    Many of these are not defined well. And many are different inflections of the same word. Ma, mam, masz, are all inflections of mieć. It is kind of like listing the most common English words and including have, had, having, haven’t. Its the same word with a different inflection.

    “Wiem” is defined in this article as “I” but it means “I know.” Jestem means “I am,” not “I.”

    It was obvious these translation were from Google Translate, then I read at the bottom, where it says “translations from Google Translate.” The translations are completely unreliable and should be removed.

    How were you able to get the list of words?

    • 101languages

      You could be right Randy that the poor English translations detract from the list. You might want to ignore the English side if it causes too much confusion. That is explained in the note, as well as the source of the word lists.

      • ivyespalier (Randy)

        The warning should be at the top then.

        I know a lot of these, especially the first couple hundred. I recognize them all.

        Am I able to edit the translations?

        #199- Kurwa.. Please watch this video 😉

        • 101languages

          That’s cool, thanks for sharing the link. Unfortunately there’s no way to edit the translations right now other than manually going in and changing them. Perhaps it would be good to get some sort of wiki on the site 🙂

          • ivyespalier (Randy)

            Is it simple to export/import something like a Google Spreadsheet or Excel file with the words?

          • 101languages

            You could download the original list here – https://invokeit.wordpress.com/frequency-word-lists/

          • ivyespalier (Randy)

            700,000 words.. Wow

  • lola3934

    Hmm, well. I think it’s for persons on start. As person from Poland I can say only that there are some mistakes, e.g. “po” – rather isn’t ‘on’, as in list, only ‘after’, ‘on’ – is “na”. Then ‘the’ in translation on Polish next to word, seldom mean “tym” more it isn’t taken at attention in Polish. E.g. I’m going to the kitchen now. – Idę teraz do kuchni. There aren’t word “tym”. And if so it maybe else “tej”, “tego” “tych”. I think else about “jestem” we always translating this on English, are using ‘I am’ no only ‘I’. And generally we seldom use personal pronoun, it’s only to emphasize “Ja robię…, ja piszę” I’m doing…, I’m writing… Or else “mam” it’s certainly not ‘I’ only ‘I have’. But I think if someone wants to learn Polish it’s good on beginning. If someone has some questions then let writing new comments, I think I will look at this side. Good luck for all who learn Polish. 🙂

  • Mirza Fenrir Olovcic

    everybody who is playing league of legends on europe nordic and east server already knows this… and he is not really glad xD