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Oscars: Slovenia Selects 'Miner' for Foreign-Language Category

Hollywood Reporter - 4 weeks ago
The movie is based on a true story of a Bosnian miner who migrated to Slovenia. Slovenia has selected Rudar (Miner), directed by Hanna Antonina Wojcik Slak, for best foreign-language film Oscar...

Croatian language school removes Melania Trump billboards following lawsuit threat - 4 weeks ago
The first lady's Slovenian lawyer demanded that the billboards, showing her delivering a speech standing before a fluttering American flag, be immediately removed, the Associated Press reported....

Dialects make Slovenian the most diverse Slavic language

STA - 3 weeks ago
Ljubljana, 26 September - Apart from being geographically diverse, Slovenia boasts another richness, its many and rather diverse dialects. Indeed, Slovenian has more dialects than any other Slavic...

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