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Leave me alone.
Leave me alone. ( اتركني (M) OR اتركيني (F) )

Don't touch me!
Don't touch me! ( Ma tilmisni ) or ( Ma t'arrabsh )

I'll call the police.
I'll call the police. ( Sa Unadi al-Police )

Police! ( شرطة )

Stop! Thief!
Stop! Thief! ( Qif! Harami! )

I need your help.
I need your help. ( احتاج مساعدة لو سمحت )

It's an emergency.
It's an emergency.For medical emergency:Is'aff ( إسعاف ),for other emergencies:Taware' ( طوارئ )

I'm lost.
I'm lost. ( تايه )

I lost my bag.
I lost my bag. ( لقد فقدت حقيبتى )

I lost my wallet.
I lost my wallet. ( لقد فقدت محفظتى )

I'm sick.
I'm sick. ( انا مريض (M) OR انا مريضة (F) )

I've been injured.
I've been injured. إنني مصاب( Innani Musabun )

I need a doctor.
I need a doctor. ( اتا احتاج طبيب )

Can I use your phone?
Can I use your phone? ( هل يمكنني استخدام هاتفك )

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