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Azeri Radio Stations

Azeri Language Radio Stations

Listening to radio is a great way to develop an ear for a foreign language.

The online radio stations below can help you do just that!

Sort by name, location, and genre to find a station that suits your interests.

List of Online Azeri Radio Stations

ANS ÇMBaku, AzerbaijanTop 40/Pop
Araz FMFuzuli, AzerbaijanTop 40/Pop
Azadliq RadiosuBaku, AzerbaijanNews
AzTZBaku, AzerbaijanNews
Baku FMAzerbaijanTop 40/Pop
Day Az RadioBaku, AzerbaijanLocal Music
Gunaz TVBaku, AzerbaijanTelevision
iRadio AZBaku, AzerbaijanNews
IRELI RadioBaku, AzerbaijanLocal Music
İRƏLİ TVBaku, AzerbaijanTelevision
ITVBaku, AzerbaijanNews
Lider TVBaku, AzerbaijanNews
Media FMBaku, AzerbaijanVariety
Mugam RadioBaku, AzerbaijanOldies
Radio AvropaAzerbaijanTop 40/Pop
Radio MORBaku, AzerbaijanLocal Music
Yüksək RadioBaku, AzerbaijanPop

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