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Bosnian Radio Stations

Bosnian Language Radio Stations

Listening to radio is a great way to develop an ear for a foreign language.

The online radio stations below can help you do just that!

Sort by name, location, and genre to find a station that suits your interests.

List of Online Bosnian Radio Stations

Alpha OneSarajevo, Bosnia and HerzegovinaPop
Antena JelahJelah, Bosnia and HerzegovinaAdult Contemporary
Antena SarajevoSarajevo, Bosnia and HerzegovinaEuro Hits
BH Radio MosBosanska Krupa, Bosnia and HerzegovinaWorld Music
BHRTSarajevo, Bosnia and HerzegovinaNews
BIR RadioSarajevo, Bosnia and HerzegovinaWorld Music
BM RadioZenica, Bosnia and HerzegovinaMiddle Eastern Talk
Bobar RadioBijeljina, Bosnia and HerzegovinaEuro Hits
Bosna RadioBosnia and HerzegovinaVariety
DUB RadioSrpska, Bosnia and HerzegovinaVariety
eFM RadioSarajevo, Bosnia and HerzegovinaCollege Radio
Hard Rock RadioBanja Luka, Bosnia and HerzegovinaRock
Kalman RadioSarajevo, Bosnia and HerzegovinaAdult Contemporary
KameleoNetTuzla, Bosnia and HerzegovinaAdult Contemporary
Koprivljanski RadioKoprivna, Bosnia and HerzegovinaFolk
Novi RadioCazin, Bosnia and HerzegovinaCommunity
Pan RadioBijeljina, Bosnia and HerzegovinaVariety
Quran in BosnianBosnia and HerzegovinaIslamic Talk
Radio AvazVrazici, Bosnia and HerzegovinaFolk
Radio BASarajevo, Bosnia and HerzegovinaWorld Music
Radio BetBosnia and HerzegovinaWorld Music
Radio BombonicaBosnia and HerzegovinaFolk
Radio Bosanka KrupaBosanska Krupa, Bosnia and HerzegovinaRock
Radio BrckoBrcko, Bosnia and HerzegovinaVariety
Radio BrezaGornja Breza, Bosnia and HerzegovinaRock
Radio BusovačaBusovaca, Bosnia and HerzegovinaAdult Contemporary
Radio Caffe 075Vlasenica, Bosnia and HerzegovinaVariety
Radio CarsijaCarsija, Bosnia and HerzegovinaFolk
Radio DasBijeljina, Bosnia and HerzegovinaTop 40/Pop
Radio DeltaBelgrade, SerbiaTop 40/Pop
Radio FBiHSarajevo, Bosnia and HerzegovinaVariety
Radio Feniks SatBosnia and HerzegovinaFolk
Radio FeralSarajevo, Bosnia and HerzegovinaRock
Radio GusinjeGusinje, MontenegroWorld Music
Radio IlijasIlijas, Bosnia and HerzegovinaVariety
Radio KakanjKakanj, Bosnia and HerzegovinaLocal Music
Radio MSarajevo, Bosnia and HerzegovinaRock
Radio ModricaBanja Luka, Bosnia and HerzegovinaVariety
Radio OdžakOdzak, Bosnia and HerzegovinaAdult Rock
Radio OzoneKozarac, Bosnia and HerzegovinaEuropean Music
Radio SanaOsjecenica, Bosnia and HerzegovinaTop 40/Pop
Radio SarajevoSarajevo, Bosnia and HerzegovinaSports Talk
Radio SrbacSrbac, Bosnia and HerzegovinaRock
Radio Studio DSrebrenik, Bosnia and HerzegovinaFolk
Radio Studio NGlamoc, Bosnia and HerzegovinaTop 40/Pop
Radio UdrcFranceWorld Talk
Radio UzdahUnited StatesFolk
Radio Velika KladušaVelika Kladuša, Bosnia and HerzegovinaVariety
Radio VelkatonVelika Kladuša, Bosnia and HerzegovinaEurope
Radio VitezVitez, Bosnia and HerzegovinaVariety
Radio ZenicaZenica, Bosnia and HerzegovinaWorld Music
Radio ZenitZenica, Bosnia and HerzegovinaTop 40/Pop
RTV LukavacLukavac, Bosnia and HerzegovinaVariety
RTV SlobomiBosnia and HerzegovinaTop 40/Pop
RTV SlonTuzla, Bosnia and HerzegovinaTop 40/Pop
SBS BosnianSydney, AustraliaWorld News
TNT RadioTravnik, Bosnia and HerzegovinaTop 40/Pop
USKSarajevo, Bosnia and HerzegovinaNews
VIKOM RadioBanja Luka, Bosnia and HerzegovinaFolk

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