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Unstressed "а", "ь", "о", "у" tend to be shorter and weaker compared to their stressed counterparts, approaching each other, though without merging completely.

a ah 
like in father or manifacture

e eh 
like in pen or attend
и i 
like in sin or to be
ий long i 
like in sea or keyboard
o oh 
like in more or nothing
у uh 
like in tuna or full
ъ ə 
like in about or bulk


й y (i-kratko/i-short)
like in yes or play

Before a vowel (after another vowel or at the beginning of a word) denotes a diphthong like in "crayon" or "yes". After a vowel at the end of the word denotes very short 'i' like in "play" or "fly". Can be used only next to vowels and not before or after a consonant.

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