Cebuano 101

You can never understand one language until you understand at least two. ~Geoffrey Willans

Cebuano (Cebuano: Sinugbuanon , "language of the Cebuanos") is an Austronesian language spoken in the Philippines by about 20,000,000 people (according to Ethnologue). It is a subgroup or member of the Visayan languages, and is thus also commonly referred to as Visayan (Cebuano: Binisaya , "language of the Visayans"). The name came from the Philippine island of Cebu, the site of the second-largest metropolitan area in the country. Cebuano is given the ISO 639-2 three letter code ceb , but has no ISO 639-1 two letter code.

Cebuano is a member of the Visayan language family.

Common Expressions

  • I am Miguel de Guia. Ako si Miguel de Guia.
  • May I ask a question? Mahimo bang mangutana? or Puwede ko mangutana?
  • How are you? Kumusta ka?
  • Good. (I am well.) Maayo.
  • How old are you? Unsay edad nimo?
  • How much? Pila? or Tag-pila?
  • How many? Pila?
  • I don't know. Wala ko kahibalo. or Ambut.
  • Good day! Maayong adlaw!
  • Good Morning! Maayong buntag!
  • Good Noon! Maayong udto!
  • Good Afternoon! Maayong hapon! or Maayong Palis!
  • Good Evening! Maayong gabii!
  • Who are you? Kinsa ka (Informal)
  • When is Kanus-â ang
  • Where do you live? Asa ka nagpuyô?
  • Where are you from? Taga-asa ka?
  • Where are you going? Asa ka paingon?
  • Where are they going? "Asa sila paingon?"
  • Where is Asa ang
  • Where is the bathroom? Asa man ang banyo?
  • Where is the toilet? Asa man ang kasilyas? or Asa man ang CR? (CR = English "Comfort Room")
  • Where is the market? Asa man ang merkado?
  • What Unsa
  • What's this? Unsa ni?
  • What's that? Unsa nâ?
  • What should we do? Unsay among buhaton? or Unsay atong buhaton? or Unsay angay namong buhaton? or Unsay angay natong buhaton
  • What is your name? Unsay ngalan nimo? Unsay imong ngalan? , or colloquially, Kinsa'y ngalan nimo?
  • What number of child are you in your family? Ikapila ka sa imong pamilya? (Firstborn, secondborn, etc.; common expression in Cebuano, not English)
  • I would like to buy that. Gusto ko mopalit anâ.
  • I would like two of those. Gusto ko ug duha anâ.
  • Hello, my name is Miguel. Kumusta, Miguel akong ngalan. , or colloquially, Ako si Miguel.
  • Shut up Hilom! or Saba! although "saba" means loud and sometimes people ridicule this word by being louder instead of being silent.
  • Help Me! Tabangi ko!
  • Help! Tabang!
  • Please, help me! "Palihug tabangi ko!" or "Palihug tabangi ako!"
  • Wait a minute Kadiyot lang or Huwat sâ
  • What time is it? Unsa nang (namang) orasa?
  • It's five o'clock Alas singko na
  • I love you. Gihigugma ko ikaw. or Nahigugma ko nimo. or Gihigugma tika. or Gimahal ko ikaw
  • Take care. Pag-ayo-ayo! or Pag-amping
  • Take that! (slang) Usapa 'na! (literally "Chew it!")
  • Ouch! Agay!
  • Don't! Ayaw!
  • Yes Oo
  • No Dili

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