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Angola in Other Languages

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Learn how to say Angola in 47 different languages!

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Language Country Name
Afrikaans Angola         
Albanian Angola         
Arabic أنغولا         
Belarusian Ангола         
Bulgarian Ангола         
Catalan Angola         
Czech Angola         
Danish Angola         
Dutch Angola         
English Angola         
Estonian Angola         
Farsi آنگولا         
Finnish Angola         
French Angola         
Galician Angola         
German Angola         
Greek Ανγκόλα         
Hebrew אנגולה         
Hindi अंगोला         
Hungarian Angola         
Icelandic Angóla         
Indonesian Angola         
Irish Angóla         
Italian Angola         
Japanese アンゴラ         
Korean 앙골라         
Latvian Angola         
Lithuanian Angola         
Macedonian Ангола         
Mandarin 安哥拉         
Norwegian Angola         
Polish Angola         
Portuguese Angola         
Romanian Angola         
Russian Ангола         
Serbian Ангола         
Slovak Angola         
Slovenian Angola         
Spanish Angola         
Swahili Angola         
Swedish Angola         
Tagalog Anggola         
Thai แองโกลา         
Turkish Angola         
Ukrainian Ангола         
Vietnamese Angola         
Welsh Angola         

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