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Czech Radio Stations

Czech Language Radio Stations

Listening to radio is a great way to develop an ear for a foreign language.

The online radio stations below can help you do just that!

Sort by name, location, and genre to find a station that suits your interests.

List of Online Czech Radio Stations

AB RadioPrague, Czech RepublicVarious
Česká televizePrague, Czech RepublicTV News
Český RozhlasCzech RepublicVarious
Dance RadioPrague, Czech RepublicElectronic and Dance
DFR RadioBrno, Czech RepublicElectronic and Dance
Evropa 2Prague, Czech RepublicAdult Contemporary
ExpresradioPrague, Czech RepublicAdult Contemporary
Fajn RadioPrague, Czech RepublicTop 40/Pop
Fajn Rock MusicPrague, Czech RepublicRock
Free RádioBrno, Czech RepublicPop Music
Frekvence 1Prague, Czech RepublicAdult Contemporary
Fun 1Prague, Czech RepublicHouse
Hip Hop StagePrague, Czech RepublicHip-Hop
Hip Hop Vibes RadioPrague, Czech RepublicHip-Hop
Hit Radio Orion 88.1 FMOstrava, Czech RepublicAdult Contemporary
HitrádioCzech RepublicVarious
Hitrádio ApolloOlomouc, Czech RepublicNews
Hitrádio DragonKarlovy Vary, Czech RepublicElectronic and Dance
Hitrádio FaktorBudejovice, Czech RepublicAdult Contemporary
Hitrádio FMLeska, Czech RepublicTop 40/Pop
Hitrádio FM PlusPilsen, Czech RepublicTop 40/Pop
Hitrádio Magic BrnoBrno, Czech RepublicRock
Hitrádio OrionOstrava, Czech RepublicTop 40/Pop
Kiss FMPrague, Czech RepublicTop 40/Pop
Kiss HádyBrno, Czech RepublicAdult Contemporary
Kiss MoravaOstrava, Czech RepublicTop 40/Pop
Kiss PublikumCzech RepublicTop 40/Pop
Oldies RadioPrague, Czech RepublicOldies
Rádia JuniorPrague, Czech RepublicChildren's Music
Radio 1Prague, Czech RepublicElectronic and Dance
Radio 7Brno, Czech RepublicChristian Talk
Radio BeatPrague, Czech RepublicClassic Rock
Radio CityPrague, Czech RepublicAdult Contemporary
Radio Click & CountryOlomouc, Czech RepublicCountry
Radio Contact LiberecLiberec, Czech RepublicTop 40/Pop
Radio DechovkaPrague, Czech RepublicLocal Music
Radio EgrensisCheb, Czech RepublicAdult Contemporary
Rádio FolkPrague, Czech RepublicFolk
Radio GothicOstrava, Czech RepublicMetal
Radio HelaxOstrava, Czech RepublicRock
Rádio HubajdaSedlcany, Czech RepublicElectronic and Dance
Rádio ImpulsPrague, Czech RepublicAdult Contemporary
Radio JazzinecPrague, Czech RepublicTop 40/Pop
Rádio JIH CimbálkaBrno, Czech RepublicCzech Music
Rádio Limonádový JoePrague, Czech RepublicClassic Rock
Radio MilionCzech RepublicVariety
Rádio OrlikSudislav nad Orlici, Czech RepublicLocal Music
Rádio PetrovPetrov, Czech RepublicVariety
Rádio RelaxKladno, Czech RepublicTop 40/Pop
Radio SoundWaveCzech RepublicVariety
Radio SPINPrague, Czech RepublicHip-Hop
Rock MaxCzech RepublicRock
Rock Radio GoldBudweis, Czech RepublicOldies
Rock ZonePrague, Czech RepublicAlternative Rock

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