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You should note that in Finland you're not entitled to a phonecall, a search warrant, or to be set free on bail. However, the authorities must allow you to find a lawyer.

I haven't done anything wrong.
En ole tehnyt mitään väärää.
It was a misunderstanding.
Se oli väärinkäsitys.
Where are you taking me?
Minne viette minut?
Am I under arrest?
Olenko pidätetty?
I am an American/Australian/British/Canadian citizen.
Olen amerikkalainen/australialainen/britannian kansalainen/kanadalainen.
I want to talk to the American/Australian/British/Canadian embassy/consulate.
Haluan puhua USA:n (oo-ass-ahn) /Australian/Britannian/Kanadan konsulaatin kanssa.
I want to talk to a lawyer.
Haluan puhua lakimiehelle.
Can I just pay a fine now?
Voinko vain maksaa sakot nyt?

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