Greek 101

Β βητα 
as in very

Γ γαμμα 
voiced version of χ. Before ε or ι, as in yet. Before γ, κ, or χ, as in sink
Δ δελτα 
as in those
Ζ ζητα 
as in zone ζωνη
Θ θητα 
as in thesis θεσις
Κ καππα 
as in kinetic κινητικος
Λ λαμβδα 
as in linen λινον
Μ μυ 
as in mixture μιγμα
Ν νυ 
as in new νεος
Ξ ξι 
as in ax αξινη
Π πι 
as in plasma πλασμα
Ρ ρω 
as in Spanish reloj ρολοϊ
Σ σιγμα ς 
as in sack σακκος
Τ ταυ 
as in type τυπος
Φ φι 
as in phone φωνη
Χ χι 
halfway between keel and heel
Ψ ψι
as in sepsis σηψις

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