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The accent, if written, is placed on the single vowel or the second vowel of the diphthong. If the diaeresis (two dots on top ΪΫϊϋ) is placed on the second, or the accent is on the first, it is not a diphthong. For example, ρολοϊ (clock, from ωρολογιον, whence French horloge) is pronounced roh-LOH-ee.

Α αλφα 
as in father πατηρ

Ε εψιλον 
as in hecto- εκατον
Η ητα 
as in spleen σπλην
Ι ιωτα 
same as η, sometimes shorter
Ο ομικρον 
as in Portuguese dose δοσις
Υ υψιλον 
same as ι
Ω ωμεγα 
as in somatic σωματικος

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