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Indonesian Radio Stations

Indonesian Language Radio Stations

Listening to radio is a great way to develop an ear for a foreign language.

The online radio stations below can help you do just that!

Sort by name, location, and genre to find a station that suits your interests.

List of Online Indonesian Radio Stations

ABC Radio Australia IndonesianMelbourne, AustraliaNews
Ardan RadioBandung, IndonesiaTop 40/Pop
Delta FMJakarta, IndonesiaAdult Contemporary
Dengerin Musik IndonesiaIndonesiaAdult Contemporary
DNA FMIndonesiaTop 40/Pop
Dreamers RadioJakarta, IndonesiaVariety
FGM LiveSydney, AustraliaChristian Talk
Hang FMBatam Centre, IndonesiaIslamic Talk
Hard Rock FMJakarta, IndonesiaAlternative Rock
I Radio FMJakarta, IndonesiaAdult Contemporary
IndoSoundJakarta, IndonesiaTop 40/Pop
Kis FMJakarta, IndonesiaTop 40/Pop
KLCBSBandung, IndonesiaJazz
K-Lite FMBandung, IndonesiaVariety
Lite FMJakarta, IndonesiaTop 40/Pop
Mazmur FMJakarta, IndonesiaReligious
MRadio FMSurabaya, IndonesiaTop 40/Pop
Nagaswara FMBogor, IndonesiaWorld Music
Prambors FMJakarta, IndonesiaTop 40/Pop
Quran in IndonesianIndonesiaIslamic Talk
Radio Baraya SundaIndonesiaEasy Listening
Radio Dangdut IndonesiaJakarta, IndonesiaVariety
Radio Finance IndonesiaIndonesiaBusiness
Radio MuslimYogyakarta, IndonesiaIslamic Talk
Radio Party PeopleBarabai, IndonesiaParty Music
Radio PrestasiJakarta, IndonesiaReligious
Radio RakosaKota Yogyakarta, IndonesiaIndonesian Talk
Radio Republik IndonesiaJakarta, IndonesiaEconomics
SBS IndonesianSydney, AustraliaWorld News
Voice of America IndonesianWashington DC, USAWorld News

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