Italian 101

Hello. (formal)
Buongiorno. (bohn JYOHR-noh)
Hello. (informal)
Ciao. (chow)
How are you?
Come sta? (koh-may STAH?)
Fine, thank you.
Bene, grazie. (BAY-nay, GRAHT-zee)
What is your name?
Come si chiama? (KOH-may see kee-AH-mah?)
My name is ______ .
Mi chiamo ______ . (mee kee-AH-moh _____)
Nice to meet you.
Piacere di conoscerla. (pyah-CHAY-ray dee koh-noh-SHAYR-lah)
Per favore. (PAYR fah-VOH-ray)
Thank you.
Grazie. (GRAHT-zee)
You're welcome.
Prego. (PRAY-goh)
Sì. (SEE)
No. (NOH)
Excuse me.
Mi scusi. (mee SKOO-zee)
I'm sorry.
Mi scusi. (mee SKOO-zee)
Arrivederci. (ah-ree-vay-DAYR-chee)
I don't speak Italian.
Non parlo italiano. (non PAHR-loh ee-tahl-ee-AH-no)
Do you speak English?
Parla inglese? (PAHR-lah een-GLAY-zay?)
Is there someone here who speaks English?
Qualcuno parla inglese? (KWAHL-koo-noh PAHR-lah een-GLAY-zay?)
Aiuto! (ah-YOO-toh!)
Good morning.
Buonamattina. (boo-oh-nah mat-IN-ah)
Good afternoon.
Buongiorno. (bohn JYOHR-noh)
Good evening.
Buonasera. (bohn-ah-SAY-rah)
Good night.
Buonanotte. (bohn-ah-NOHT-tay)
I don't understand.
Non capisco. (NOHN kah-PEE-skoh)
Where is the toilet?
Dov'è il bagno? (doh-VAY eel BAHN-yo?)

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