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It might happen that there is a need to express negative emotions towards others. Or it might happen that others do this to you. In those cases it is useful to understand some Japanese offensive words. Please use these with care.

Fool or idiot 
バカ (baka)

Fool or idiot, used in Kansai 
アホ (aho) - writing unsure
Doing something untimely 
まぬけ (manuke)
A slow person 
のろま (noroma)
Being bad at something 
下手 (heta)
Being very bad at something 
下手糞 (hetakuso)
A stingy person 
ケチ (kechi)
An old man 
ジジイ (jijii)
An old woman 
ババア (babaa)
Not being cool 
ダサイ (dasai)
Fussy or depressing 
ウザイ (uzai)
キモイ (kimoi)
Drop dead! 
くたばれ (kutabare)
Get out of the way! 
どけ (doke)
うるさい (urusai)

These words are mostly used by young people

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