Macedonian 101

Based on a large group of features, Macedonian dialects can be divided into Eastern and Western groups (the boundary runs approximately from Skopje and Skopska Crna Gora along the rivers Vardar and Crna). In addition, a more detailed classification can be based on the modern reflexes of the Proto-Slavic reduced vowels (yers), vocalic sonorants, and the back nasal *ǫ. That classification distinguishes between the following 5 groups:

Western Dialects:

  • Ohrid-Prespa Group
    • Ohrid dialect
    • Struga dialect
    • Vevčani-Radοža dialect
    • Upper Prespa dialect
    • Lower Prespa dialect.
  • Debar Group
    • Debar dialect
    • Reka Dialect
    • Drimkol-Golo Brdo dialect
    • Galičnik dialect
    • Skopska Crna Gora dialect
  • Polog Group
    • Upper Polog Dialect
    • Lower Polog Dialect
    • Prilep-Bitola dialect
    • Kičevo-Poreče dialect
    • Skopje-Veles dialect
  • Kostur-Korča Group
    • Korča dialect
    • Kostur dialect
    • Nestram-Kostenar dialect

Eastern Dialects:

  • Northern Group
    • Kumanovo dialect
    • Kratovo dialect
    • Kriva Palanka dialect
    • Ovče Pole dialect
  • Eastern Group
    • Štip-Strumica dialect
    • Tikveš-Mariovo dialect
    • Maleševo-Pirin dialect
    • Solun-Voden dialect
    • Ser-Drama-Lagadin-Nevrokop dialect

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