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Norwegian Flashcards

Below are sets of Norwegian flashcards. You can use the keyboard arrows (up/down to flip the card, right/left to go forward and back) or just click on the cards. You can also turn the audio on and off using the “Options” settings.


Verbs in Norwegian

Time Related Words in Norwegian

Health Terms in Norwegian

Norwegian Sentences

Government and Election Vocabulary in Norwegian

Time Related Words in Norwegian

Sentences in Norwegian

Locational Words in Norwegian

Essential Norwegian Words

Verbs in Norwegian

Verbs with Irregular forms in Norwegian

Basic Verbs in Norwegian

Money Terms in Norwegian

Verbs in Norwegian

Immigration Vocabulary in Norwegian

Norwegian Vocabulary for Travel and Pastimes

Simple Words in Norwegian

Common Words in Norwegian

Verbs in Norwegian

Basic Vocabulary for Traveler in Norwegian

Norwegian Vocabulary

Verbs in Norwegian

Conversational Phrases in Norwegian

Basic Verbs in Norwegian

These sets were created by other language learners from the Quizlet website.

In order to get the most out of flashcards, it can useful to create your own list of words to study. This will attach more context and meaning to the words, which usually makes retaining the words easier.

I would also recommend using a spaced-repetition program for learning vocabulary such as Anki or Memrise – both free. Spaced repetition is a great way to learn vocabulary more efficiently and can actually be fun! It at least takes some of the “heavy lifting” out of learning new words by reminding you at just the right point on the “forgetting curve“.

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