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Norwegian Radio Stations

Norwegian Language Radio Stations

Listening to radio is a great way to develop an ear for a foreign language.

The online radio stations below can help you do just that!

Sort by name, location, and genre to find a station that suits your interests.

List of Online Norwegian Radio Stations

1 FMMolde, NorwayTop 40/Pop
ElverumsRadioenElverum, NorwayAdult Contemporary
JuntafilOslo, NorwaySpoken
Klem FMOslo, NorwayAdult Contemporary
Norea RadioKristiansand, NorwayChristian Contemporary
NRJ NorgeOslo, NorwayTop 40/Pop
NRK Alltid NyheterOslo, NorwayNews
NRK FolkemusikkOslo, NorwayFolk Music
NRK JazzOslo, NorwayJazz
NRK KlassiskOslo, NorwayClassical
NRK MP3Oslo, NorwayTop 40/Pop
NRK National Rap ShowOslo, NorwayHip-Hop
NRK P1Oslo, NorwayVariety
NRK P1+Oslo, NorwayVariety
NRK P13Oslo, NorwayClassic Rock
NRK P2Oslo, NorwayCulture
NRK P3Oslo, NorwayVariety
NRK PyroOslo, NorwayRock
NRK RadioresepsjonenOslo, NorwayNorwegian Talk
NRK SportOslo, NorwaySports
NRK SuperOslo, NorwayChildren's Topics & Stories
NRK Super TVOslo, NorwayChildren's TV
NRK UrørtOslo, NorwayLocal Music
P4 Radio NorgeOslo, NorwayVariety
P5NorwayTop 40/Pop
P6 RockNorwayRock
PeSjuBergen, NorwayChristian Contemporary
PowerWaveNorwayAdult Contemporary
Radio 1Oslo, NorwayTop 40/Pop
Radio 3Bodø, NorwaySports Talk
Radio AlesundAalesund, NorwayLocal Music
Radio BanditLillehammer, NorwayClassic Rock
Radio BardufossBardufoss, NorwayAdult Contemporary
Radio HaugalandHaugesund, NorwayAdult Contemporary
Radio HurumTofte, NorwayEasy Listening
Radio MetroNorwayEasy Listening
Radio NordkappNorwayNews
Radio NorgeOslo, NorwayRock
Radio NovaOslo, NorwayAdult Contemporary
Radio P5Arendal, NorwayAdult Contemporary
Radio RevoltTrondheim, NorwayAlternative Rock
Radio+ NostalgiNorwayEasy Listening
ROX 90.1Oslo, NorwayPop
The BeatOslo, NorwayHip-Hop
The VoiceNorwayTop 40/Pop
TV AdressaTrondheim, NorwayTelevision

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