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Salut. (sah-LOOT)
How are you?
Ce mai faci? (chay my FAWTCH)
Fine, thank you.
Multumesc, bine. (mool-tzu-MESK BEE-nay)
What is your name? (formal)
Cum va numiti? (coom vuh noo-MEETZ)
What's your name? (informal)
Cum te cheama? (coom tay KYAHM-uh)
My name is ______.
Numele meu e ______. (NOO-meh-leh MAY-oo yay ______.)
Nice to meet you.
Încântat. (oohn-kahn-taht) or Îmi pare bine. (OOHM pah-reh BEE-nay)
Va rog. (vuh ROHG; usually follows the request.)
Thank you.
Multumesc. (mool-tzu-MESC)
Thank you very much.
Multumesc mult. (mool-tzu-MESK moolt)
You're welcome.
Cu placere. (koo plah-CHAIR-eh)
Da (DAH)
Nu (NOO)
Excuse me. (Getting attention)
Pardon. (pahr-DOHN) or Va rog. (vuh ROHG)
Excuse me. (begging pardon, moving through crowd)
Pardon (pahr-DOHN)
I'm sorry.
Îmi pare rau. (oohm pah-reh RAUH)
La revedere. (lah reh-veh-DEH-reh)
Pa. (PAH); in informal occasions in Transylvania - "Servus" [sehr-VOOS])
See you soon.
Pe curând. (pay cur-OOHNT)
I can't speak Romanian [well].
Nu vorbesc [bine] româneste. (NOO vor-BESC [BEE-nay] Roh-MOOHN-eshtay)
Do you speak English?
Vorbiti engleza? (vor-BEETZ eng-LAY-zuh)
Is there someone here who speaks English?
Vorbeste cineva aici engleza? (vor-BESHT-eh CHEEH-neh-va AY-eetch eng-LAY-zuh)
Ajutor! (ah-zhoo-TOR)
Look out!
Atentie! (ah-TEN-tzee-eh)
Good morning.
Buna dimineata. (BOO-nuh dee-mee-NYAH-tzuh)
Good day.
Buna ziua. (BOO-nuh zyu-uh)
Good evening.
Buna seara. (BOO-nuh sa-ruh)
Good night. (to sleep)
Noapte buna. (NWHOP-tay BOO-nuh)
I don't understand.
Nu înteleg. (NOO in-tze-LEG)
Where's the bathroom?
Unde e toaleta? (OON-day yay twah-LEH-ta)
The check, please
Nota de plata, va rog (NO-tah day PLAT-tuh, vuh ROHG)
Romanian (person, male)
român (ro-MUHN)
Romanian (person, female)
românca (ro-MUHN-cuh)

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