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Do you have any rooms available?
Aveti camere libere? (ah-VEHTS CAH-meh-reh LEE-beh-reh)
How much is a room for one person/two people?
Cât costa o camera pentru o persoana / pentru doua persoane? (COOHT KOHS-tah oh KAHM-eh-rah pehn-troo OH pehrss-WAH-nuh... / pehn-troo DOH-ah pehrss-WAH-neh)
Does the room come with...
Camera vine cu... (CAH-meh-rah VEEN-eh KOO...)
...asternuturi? (ah-shter-NOOT-oor)
...another blanket?
...înca o patura (OOHN-cuh oh PAH-too-ruh)
...a bathroom?
...baie? (BYE-eh)
...a telephone?
...telefon? (teh-leh-FOHN-ool)
...a TV?
...televiziune? (teh-leh-veez-ee-OON-eh)
May I see the room first?
Pot sa vad camera întâi? (poht suh VOOHD CAH-meh-rah oohn-TOOH-ee)
Do you have anything quieter?
Aveti ceva mai linistit? (ah-VEHTS CHEH-vah MY LEEN-eesh-TEET)
...mai mare? (MY MAH-reh)
...mai curat? (MY koo-RAHT)
...mai ieftin? (MY yef-TEEN)
OK, I'll take the room.
Bine. Vreau camera. (BEEN-eh. VROW KAH-meh-rah)
I will stay for one night.
Eu ramân pentru o noapte. (YO ruh-MOOHN PEHN-troo oh NWHOP-teh)
I will stay for _____ nights.
Eu ramân ______ noapte. (YO ruh-MOOHN _____ NOPTZ)
Can you suggest another hotel?
Puteti recomanda alt hotel? (poot-EHTS reh-coh-MAHN-dah AHLT ho-TEHL)
Do you have a safe?
Aveti seif? (ah-VETZ seh-EEF)
...cuiere? (KOO-yeh-reh)
Is breakfast/supper included?
Pretul include micul dejun / cina? (PREHTZ-ool een-KLOO-deh MEE-kool deh-ZHOON / CHEE-nuh)
What time is breakfast/supper?
La ce ora este micul dejun / cina? (lah CHEH OH-rah yes-teh MEE-kool deh-ZHOON / CHEE-nah')
Please clean my room.
Curatati camera mea, va rog. (koor-eh-TSAHTS CAH-meh-rah MEH-ah, vuh ROHG)
Can you wake me at _____?
Puteti sa ma treziti la _____? (poo-TEHTS suh muh treh-ZEETS lah _____?)
I want to check out.
As vrea sa achit nota si sa plec de la hotel. (ahsh VRAA suh ah-KEET NOH-tuh shee suh PLEHK deh lah ho-TEHL; the vowel sound in “vrea” is like the “a” in the English “cat”.)

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