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Romanian Radio Stations

Romanian Language Radio Stations

Listening to radio is a great way to develop an ear for a foreign language.

The online radio stations below can help you do just that!

Sort by name, location, and genre to find a station that suits your interests 🙂

List of Online Romanian Radio Stations

Activ EFEMBucharest, RomaniaAdult Contemporary
Antena 3Bucharest, RomaniaTV News
Bucuresti FMBucharest, RomaniaWorld Talk
Energy FMTimisoara, RomaniaTrance
Europa FMBucharest, RomaniaAdult Contemporary
Kiss FMBucharest, RomaniaTop 40/Pop
Libraria Radio Vocea EvanghelieiOradea, RomaniaChristian Contemporary
Magic FMBucharest, RomaniaEasy Listening
One FMRomaniaElectronic and Dance
Play Radio 90'sConstanta, Romania90's
Pro FMBucharest, RomaniaVariety
Radio 21Bucharest, RomaniaEuro Hits
Radio Antena SatelorBucharest, RomaniaRomanian Music
Radio BrasovBrasov, RomaniaRomanian Music
Radio CondorBucharest, RomaniaRomanian Music
Radio CrazyBucharest, RomaniaRomanian Music
Radio Dance FloorRomaniaElectronic and Dance
Radio EnigmaBucharest, RomaniaChristmas Music
Radio FireRomaniaRomanian Music
Radio FolclorBucharest, RomaniaChristmas
Radio Folk ArtBucharest, RomaniaEuropean Music
Radio GosenSingeorz-Bai, RomaniaChristian Contemporary
Radio GuerrillaBucharest, RomaniaVariety
Radio HiT FMBucuresti, RomaniaVariety
Radio HopeBucharest, RomaniaChristian Contemporary
Radio HorionCraiova, RomaniaNews
Radio ImpulsCluj-Napoca, RomaniaElectronic and Dance
Radio KlassBucharest, RomaniaElectronic and Dance
Radio Liberty FMBucharest, RomaniaRomanian Music
Radio MariaOradea, RomaniaCatholic Talk
Radio OccidentalRomaniaRomanian Music
Radio România ActualităţiBucharest, RomaniaRomanian Music
Radio Romania FMRomaniaVariety
Radio România InternaţionalBucharest, RomaniaNews
Radio RomanianGaesti, RomaniaHip-Hop
Radio SunBucharest, Romania80's
Radio Super FMBucharest, RomaniaTop 40/Pop
Radio TarafBucharest, RomaniaRomanian Music
Radio TexFMBucharest, RomaniaContemporary
Radio Trance RomaniaBucharest, RomaniaTrance
Radio Vocea EvanghelieiTimisoara, RomaniaWorld Talk
Replica RadioRomaniaProgressive Rock
Rock FMBucharest, RomaniaClassic Rock
Romantic FMBucharest, RomaniaLove Songs
SBS RomanianSydney, AustraliaWorld News
Sport Total FMBucharest, RomaniaSports Talk
Vibe FMBucharest, RomaniaElectronic and Dance

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