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like 'u' in "cup", 'a' in "target"
like 'e' in "ten”
like 'i' in "dip" when in the middle or start of a word. When at the end, it is barely sounded - for example, in the word Bucuresti, it is pronounced Boo-KOO-resht with a very short and slight i - never pronounce it as Boo-KOO-reshtee. The terminal "i" causes a slight "softening" of the preceding consonant. The few Romanian words with a very strong terminal "i" sound are spelled with a double "i" ("ii").
like 'o' in "chlorine", rounded, fairly short sound
like 'oo' in "broom", but much shorter
like 'a' in "digital". This sound is usually mispronounced (people tend to pronounce it like 'u' in 'cup', but in fact, this sound is frequently found in English. When seeing a always think of the sound in the 'rather' than in 'bra'. Similar to French 'e' in word 'je'.
â, î
no precise English equivalent - it's best to hear it being spoken. â and î are the same sound in Romanian. î is used at the beginning and at the end of words, â in all other cases. The closest American English sound is the ""oo"" in "book", but it's a bit shifted toward a "soft 'i'", as in "it". Similar to French 'u' in word 'rue'.

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