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Slovenian Radio Stations

Slovenian Language Radio Stations

Listening to radio is a great way to develop an ear for a foreign language.

The online radio stations below can help you do just that!

Sort by name, location, and genre to find a station that suits your interests.

List of Online Slovenian Radio Stations

Alpski Val RadioTolmin, SloveniaCommunity
Radio 1SloveniaVarious
Radio AgoraKlagenfurt, AustriaWorld Music
Radio AktualLjubljana, SloveniaTop 40/Pop
Radio AntenaCelje, SloveniaTop 40/Pop
Radio CaprisKoper, SloveniaEuro Hits
Radio CeljeLjubljana, SloveniaWorld Music
Radio CenterLjubljana, SloveniaTop 40/Pop
Radio DurLjubljana, SloveniaCountry
Radio Europa 05Ljubljana, SloveniaEuropean Music
Radio HITLjubljana, SloveniaTop 40/Pop
Radio KrkaNovo Mesto, SloveniaEuro Hits
Radio MariborMaribor, SloveniaVariety
Radio Mister DeejayLjubljana, SloveniaElectronic Music
Radio Net FMMaribor, SloveniaWorld Talk
Radio OgnjisceKrvava Pec, SloveniaWorld Talk
Radio PacientLjubljana, SloveniaTalk
Radio PrlekOrmoz, SloveniaTop 40/Pop
Radio PtujPtuj, SloveniaAdult Contemporary
Radio RabbitSloveniaFolk Music
Radio RadljeRadlje ob Dravi, SloveniaTop 40/Pop
Radio RobinNova Gorica, SloveniaWorld Music
Radio RoglaSlovenske Konjice, SloveniaRock
Radio RomicMurska Sobota, SloveniaCountry
Radio SalomonLjubljana, SloveniaElectronic and Dance
Radio SlovenijaLjubljana, SloveniaVariety
Radio Slovenske GoriceLjubljana, SloveniaAdult Contemporary
Radio SoraĊ kofja Loka, SloveniaLocal Music
Radio StudentLjubljana, SloveniaCollege Radio
Radio TomiCelje, Slovenia80's
SBS SlovenianSydney, AustraliaWorld News
Turisticni Radio PotepuhBled, SloveniaEuropean Music

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