Turkmen 101

Turkmen Basics


Salawmaleýkim-hello(a greeting to the person you need to greet reverently. And usually to the people with whom there is a big age difference between you and him/her. To be used just by males. Females are supposed not to say it. Women just say “salam”)

Waleýkim essalam-hello as an answer who greets you by saying “salawmaleýkim”. Usually, women are expected to say just: “waleýkim”.

How are you-nähilisiň?

I am fine and you?-gowy, özüň nähili?

I am fine too-menem gowy.

What is your name?-adyň näme?

My name is Allanur and yours?-Meniň adym Allanur, seňki?

My name is Nurana-Meniň adym Nurana.

Nice to meet you-tanşanymyza şat.

I am a student-men talyp

Good bye-hoş

I am learning turkmen-men türkmençe öwrenýärin.

I am learning _____- men_____ öwrenýärin

I am 18 years old-men 18 yaşymda.

I am from turkmenistan-men Türkmenistandan




I am-men


Do you speak Turkmen-Türkmençe bilýärmiň?

Yes, I speak turkmen-hawa, Türkmençe bilýän.

No, I do not speak Turkmen-ýok, Türkmençe bilemok

Help-kömek ediň(when shouting to more than one person or to the public. 2 when calling a person you respect)

Help-kömek et(when çalling for help from one person only)

Good morning-ertiriňiz haýyrly bolsun

Good afternoon-gündiziňiz haýyrly bolsun

Good evening-agşamyňyz haýyrly bolsun

Where is the toilet-hajathana nirede?