Vietnamese 101

Top Vietnamese Language Resources

Looking to learn more about Vietnamese but don’t know where to begin? Well you’ve come the right place 🙂

Below is a list of the top Vietnamese language resources (Việt Tài) carefully selected from around the Internet. I tried to include only the best quality resources.

Note: You can sort the list by clicking on the headers.

Category Description
BooksTop books and audiobooks for learning Vietnamese
MobileFind Vietnamese learning apps for your Android device
Paid CourseVietnamese Pod 101
TranslateGoogle Translate
OtherVietnamese fonts for your computer
PhrasesUseful words and phrases with audio pronunciation
Free CourseLearn vocabulary in context with Memrise
PhrasesOnline Survival Kit
TranslateTranslate English to and from Vietnamese
OtherBBC in Vietnamese
General InfoOverview of the Vietnamese language from Wikipedia
PhrasesSimple Vietnamese phrases with audio
PhrasesVideo lessons from Teacher Phil
Free CourseVietnamese lessons with guide to pronunciation
OtherVoice of American in Vietnamese
PhrasesBasic Vietnamese phrases from Wikitravel
GrammarVietnamese language, alphabet and pronuncation
DictionaryTranslate words with example uses
Free CourseVietnamese course from Wikibooks
DictionaryLookup Vietnamese words
GamesFree Vietnamese games with pictures
AudioListen to Vietnamese words spoken by users

Do you know of a great resource that isn’t on this list? If so, please suggest a link here.