Welsh 101

Helo. ( Hello )

Hello. ( informal )
S'mae? ( s-my? (north) shoo-my? (south))

How are you?
S'mae? ( s-my? (north) shoo-my? (south))

Fine, thank you.
iawn, diolch. ( yown, dee-ol'ch )

What is your name?
Be' dy'ch enw chi? ( bay di'ch enoo ch'ee? )

My name is ______ .
______ yw f'enw i. ( _____ you ven-oo ee. )

Nice to meet you.
Cwrdd â chi yn foddhaus. ( Crew thv ar Key un Vothv house )

Os gwelwch chi'n dda.

Thank you [very much].
Diolch [yn fawr]. ( dee-ol'ch [un vowr] )

You're welcome.
Croeso. ( CROY-so )

There are no exact equivalents of "yes" and "no" in Welsh; the concept is conveyed grammatically by indicating agreement or disagreement e.g. "yes there is" or "no there is not", which is said in different ways depending on how the question was phrased. If the question begins "Oes...?" or "A oes...?" ( "Is there...?" ) then the reply is "oes" or "nac oes"; if the question begins "Ydy...?" ( "Is...?" ) or a construct beginning with "ydy" e.g. "Ydych...?" ( "Do you...?" ) then the reply is "ydy" or "nac ydy"

Oes. ( oyss ); Ydy ( UD-ee ); Ie ( ee-yeah )

Nac oes. ( nak oyss or nag oyss ); Nac ydy ( nac-UD-ee , nag-ud-ee , or NAG-dee ), Na ( Nah )

Excuse me. ( getting attention )
Esgusodwch fi. ( es-gis-OD-oo'ch vee )

Excuse me. ( begging pardon )
Esgusodwch fi. ( es-gis-OD-oo'ch vee )

I'm sorry.
Mae ddrwg gen i. ( My th'roog gen ee )

Ffarwél. ( far-WEL )

Goodbye ( informal )
Da bo chi. ( Da BO ch'ee ) (a contraction of "Duw bu efo gydach chi" - "God be with you")

I can't speak Welsh [well].
Alla i ddim siarad Cymraeg [yn dda]. ( alh'a ee thim sharad kym-RYE-g [un tha] )

Do you speak English?
Ydych chi'n siarad Saesneg? ( UD-ich ch'een sharad SIS-neg? )

Is there someone here who speaks English?
Oes rhywun yma sy'n siarad Saesneg? ( Oyss reew-in umma seen sharad sis-neg? )

Help! (  ! )

Look out!
Hendiwch! ( HEN-dyoo'ch! )

Good morning.
Bore da. ( BOR-eh da )

Good evening.
Noswaith dda. ( NOSS-why-th tha )

Good night.
Nos da. ( NOHS da )

Good night ( to sleep )
Nos da.

I don't understand.
Dwi ddim yn deall.

Where is the toilet?
Ble' mae'r toiled? ( Blay my'r toy-led? )

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