Korean 101

You can never understand one language until you understand at least two. ~Geoffrey Willans

a ㅏ 
like 'a' in "father"

eo (ŏ) ㅓ 
like 'eo' in "surgeon"
o ㅗ 
like 'o' in "rope"
u ㅜ 
like 'oo' in "hoop"
eu (ŭ) ㅡ 
not found in English (IPA /ɯ/), but similar to the 'oo' in "hoop"
i ㅣ 
like the 'i' in "ship"
ae ㅐ 
like the 'e' in "bed"
e ㅔ 
like the 'e' in "set"

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